If you had to rate your healthy habits on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being vegan yogi) what would you get? I would get a 3. I love veggies, try to be active but I don’t drink water and my sleep patterns are slightly erratic.

SOOO I signed up for the 30 Day Healthy Habits Challenge, created by Sleek Geek SA.

Each day we had new “healthy habit” to incorporate into our daily lives.

Some days were super easy and others were just impossible. I failed part of this challenge, which was to post your experience on the Facebook group, along with your habit buddy. My buddy was my fiancé, and for the first few days we did so well! Then we started needing to catch up with our updates… By day 16 I was posting alone… And by day 20 I kind of gave up as well.

Not on the habits however, since I am in dire need of healthier habits I really did want to see which of these habits I keep in my life after the challenge.

Here’s an overview:

The first week, my worst day was the walk 6000 steps. I got like 1500. And even when I try really hard my average steps are 2000 for the day. Somehow, I need to up my steps, but I also realise that I should invest in a step counter that is not my phone if I really want to do this.

I loved the challenge of taking a photo in your underwear (and no it’s not because I secretly want to be an underwear model) and with the photo, doing measurements and weigh-in. This will show me my progress even if I can’t see it when I look in the mirror.

In the second week, I came up against the hardest habit aside from walking – drinking water, if I drink water it cuts into my coffee time. It’s bad, but I need the caffeine. I am trying to incorporate more water as I go along, thankfully when I gym I drink a ton of water.

There was also a new step goal – 8000!! I was by then convinced that I had become a completely dormant person. My step count sucks.

I thought the journal everything you eat idea was super smart. And if it is done on your cell phone, you don’t look like a super food sleuth tracking and investigating your own food choices (this however doesn’t sound like a bad job title).

In week 3 I discovered a habit that I had been trying to change for a while – No electronic screens 2 hours before bed. 2 hours doesn’t really work for me since I blog and do other online work at night, but I’ve tried to keep it at an hour before bed, it also helps me get more reading done!

In the final week, I found that the no snoozing was honestly a challenge for me. Sure, I can do 50 burpees for you, but get me out of bed before my alarm clock has rung 3 times and my fiancé has threatened that I’m going to be late as least twice…? Practically impossible. I managed one day, but this is something that I am hoping I can push myself to do more. Perhaps not on weekends, but definitely during the week!

The physical challenges I didn’t find all that hard, although I’m not a fan of burpees. And even the food challenges, I surprised myself when I didn’t die from lack of caffeine after 1pm. and when I managed the no added sugar without a sweat. So, in a way I learnt that my choices aren’t that unhealthy.

However, the sleep and mind challenges were a bit harder to do, to fit into my schedule and to keep up. So, my mind needs a bit of a habit reboot.

At the end, I think this challenge was a great thing to do, teaching me how to control my health in small steps, pushing my physical abilities and showing me what I should be doing in order to live a healthier lifestyle. My fiancé and I just need to get better at being buddies and social media posts I guess!

This challenge can be done anywhere and anytime (if you’re not competing for a Fitbit…) why not try it and let me know how you do?


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