International Yoga Day

Yoga can be really scary to those who have never tried it. But don’t let that stop you from trying it!


21 June was our Winter Solstice here is South Africa, and it was also International Day of Yoga.


I have been promising myself that I would start yoga for a long time now, hoping that it would increase my stability, as well as teach me to, you know, chill. But I have always been super scared of not being able to get my body into all of those positions that you find on Instagram. #Yoga



So when Flowing Nomads offered a free class at a local gym, I convinced my friend to go with me. The class was for International Day of Yoga and  I figured if I am going to start yoga, what better day than the day dedicated to celebrating Yoga.


What I learnt

After the class I felt pretty good! And a little silly for taking so long to try it out. I figured there must be others like me who are one step away from trying out a yoga class but don’t feel like they can stand on their heads while knitting a blanket and baking a cake; so for those people here’s a beginners look at my yoga day….

  1. As soon as I entered the class, I had this overwhelming sense of calm. I don’t know if that was meant to be the case, but it was.
  2. I didn’t feel like all the other people could do it better than me, even the fittest of the group were still restricted in their own ways. It really was all about finding your own body’s limits.
  3. Sometimes I had no idea what pose I was supposed to be in, and that was okay too, everyone was kinda on their own time.
  4. It is actually a workout! I was sweating, which made my my hands slip – ALOT.
  5. There’s a flow to the yoga routine, so the pose that was new and hard will be a little easier by the end of the class.
  6. You need water. If you’ve ever done a bootcamp/HIIT workout, you know to bring tons of water; and if you’ve also done a stretch class of any sort then you know that it’s not as dehydrating. Yoga is somewhere in the middle of that so take water!
  7. It’s very much about being in touch with your body and its abilities and limitations.
  8. Oh, and I have zero balance. Also learnt that. But I’m working on it…

So don’t be scared! And don’t wait for next year’s International Day of Yoga. Go try it out.



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