Are you waiting for your Fairy Godmother to come make your wedding dreams come true?

For anyone who has or is in the process of planning a wedding, I’m sure you’ll agree that weddings are insane! They’re expensive and they’re stressful.

And they’re the most important and amazing day of your life. I have been procrastinating the planning of my wedding for 3 years, and already I feel like its just too stressful and we should just elope with a Facebook Live video (hey, we can do that now…)

I was never the little girl who planned her wedding, like I had no idea that was something little girls did… So, to start with I’m already like 20 years behind all other brides-to-be. I also said that I would NEVER get married. I would be the independent woman who didn’t need a man for anything – except maybe to kill cockroaches.

Then I met my fiancé, and it was anything BUT love at first site, but it was something. When he proposed, as I looked at him on his knee, holding out a symbol of forever love, with tears in his eyes, and 20 something years of anti-marriage vows seemed to dissipate into a complete certainty that this was something I actually wasn’t against. And so, I said yes, well actually I said OK because I was super shocked, and now I don’t hear the end of how I only said OK and not YES.

Since then

Which was 3 years ago, it seems like the only thing that people can speak to me about is when is the wedding? I’m not sure what exactly they’ll talk about when I have actually got married. We have yet to set a date and the only planning we have done is our song. Oh, and I also bought a dress when I went to simply try on dresses and fell in love with one.

But otherwise, we know that we’re just not in the right space to have our day just yet. We don’t have the money saved, and if we did there are other things we wanted to do before we actually become Mr & Mrs, like I really want adult braces and would love for them to at least be on before any wedding pictures, and we want to have our own little home to come back to after the big day.


Yeah, this whole getting married thing seems to past our 20-something year old lives right now. Not to mention our salaries and budgets.


I may have found an answer… Canal Walk is holding a competition and giving away a wedding!!! At first, I was blown away at the value of the prize – R265 000, that’s one amazing wedding!

I absolutely had to check out what this includes, so I did something I never usually do… I read the terms and conditions. And this is what I found:

Marlenique Estate Wedding & Function Venue and To-Netts Flowers Hiring & Décor package, valued at R 140 000, which includes Reception venue, 3- course meal and canapé service, as chosen from a supplied menu, including staff for 130 people maximum. & Ceremony on the lawn on the riverside, including 200 white plastic chairs and gazebo. Floral, hiring, décor as per inspirations, coordination on the day, setup, cleaning and strike.

Moments2Media Photography, videography, photo booth and slow-mo booth package, valued at R60 500, which includes Two 1-hour consultations and 7 hours of wedding day photography and videography. Photo booth, slow-mo video booth, and 3 lawn games will set up at the wedding.

Calegra Bridal House designer wedding gown on loan, valued at R 32 500, which includes the loan of a veil, to the value of R4 500. Consultation and alteration, to the value of R2 000.

Mr Music Mobile Disco music, sound and lighting package, valued at R17 000, which includes Mr Music to be the sole music, sound and lighting supplier.

The Fairy Factory exclusive stationery package, valued at R15 000, which includes Design fee, to the value of R 3 500. Wedding invitations, to the value of R 5 500. On the day stationery and/or other items, to the value of R 6 000. The prize will be in the form of a non-transferable voucher, to the total value of R15 000.

Literally, your entire wedding day sorted, no stress.

All you have to do to enter is give them your love story, happy, sad, inspirational, ironic… whichever the best way would be to describe your love. And then, my favourite part, get ALL your friends to vote for your story. Unfortunately, I would never ever win any sort of popularity contest so this part is hard for me. But never fear I shall try anyhow.

I have entered, because it would be amazing to win this and be able to get married without financial stress. But I also wanted to share with any other engaged ladies out there. Those who, like me, have attended the wedding expos and stalked out the venues and just haven’t reached that stage of planning yet.

If you enter please comment below so that we can support each other and vote for each other’s stories. And if you are kind enough to help me in my lack of popularity, please go and vote for my story. I hope to write soon on the planning and prepping of our dream wedding.


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