Find your fit in 2018

The girls over at Jumping Jayns – a new fitness blog dedicated to helping all the average Janes out there to get fit while still being able to enjoy weekends full of reading and pizza – have come up with a challenge for us. Its’s called “Finding your Fit”. It’s all about finding the space that you are comfortable with to keep your body healthy and happy. Some of us are eager to wake up really early and get our spin on. Others prefer to keep fit in calmer ways like yoga. And then you have the super energetic girls who enjoy the faster, more upbeat exercising. This challenge is all about finding what works for you.


How to complete the challenge?

Challenge yourself to try out new things, if you haven’t yet found your fit. If you are a gym member, join a new class. If not, try joining a local bootcamp class or a jogging group. Find Youtube videos and try Pilates at home. Where, when and how is all up to you, and figuring it out is part of the journey.

Join Jumping Jayns by sharing your journey, and helping other ladies learn more about the options. Like pole dance fitness classes, have you tried those?? How about early morning surfing classes? All of these are workouts, and each of our bodies and personalities are suited to a different workout.

The challenge starts on the 1st March (because Jan and Feb were practice months and the new year starts now!) and all you need to join is to share a picture or tip on whichever part your #Findyourfit2018 journey you worked on that day. Show us new ways to workout, help us remember the simpler ways. Tag Jumping Jayns on Instagram and use the #FINDYOURFIT2018 hashtag to join the community!


Sound amazing and just like the sort of 30 day challenge you need right now? I know!!

So follow @Jumpingjayns

Go try out some awesome ways to get in shape and keep fit!

Take a pic – SMILE!

Take it to Instagram

Tag Jumping Jayns

Use the hashtag #Findyourfit2018

Find the rest of us and lets support each other in finding our own unique fit.

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