Find your fit

Find your fit in 2018 The girls over at Jumping Jayns – a new fitness blog dedicated to helping all […]

Wedding Dreams Coming Soon

Are you waiting for your Fairy Godmother to come make your wedding dreams come true? For anyone who has or […]

Mini Me Memorable

I have a confession to make I am TERRIBLE at buying gifts. No matter who they are for, bosses, parents, […]

Yoga Day 2017

Beginning Yoga 21 June is our Winter Solstice here in South Africa, and it is also International Day of Yoga. […]

Future Females Launch

This year, National Women’s Day brings a lot to offer in Cape Town. In fact, it now seems common practice to […]


Realistic Resolutions 2018

It’s that time of the year again. Out with the old and in with the new. You’ll see people posting […]

Meeting Marciel Hopkins

I entered a competition on Facebook during August, to win a Mentor Mani session from Sorbet. We were asked to […]