I have a confession to make

I am TERRIBLE at buying gifts. No matter who they are for, bosses, parents, even those awkward mutual friends whose birthdays you get invited to as courtesy. I’m also a huge procrastinator, so any gift buying experience looks kind of like this:

Tammi must buy a gift.

Tammi lists all things she knows about person that gift is for.

Tammi starts researching gift options.

Tammi has idea, but puts it on hold until absolute last minute.

Tammi is now ready to buy gift which must be given in the next day or 2 (in some cases this period is simply hours)

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At this point one of two things is bound to happen

1) the gift is unavailable, either sold out or will not be shipped in time.


2) I have complete gift-giving anxiety and doubt my decision so much that I either leave with no gift or have to run to the till (or click to the checkout) before I can allow myself to change my mind.

I had the same sort of panic attack when it came to the Fiancé’s birthday, so can you imagine what Valentines had in store for me??!

Ah, but thanks to my amazing luck and to Mini Me, I managed to find a gift,

I won the gift so it cost me nothing, and it was sent to me without me needing to make any decision at all. And now I need to tell you about these amazing little gifts so that, if you are like me and cannot choose gifts even if your life depended on it, you can go and check them out!

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What is Mini Me?

Tiny little Lego-looking men and women that look like you! Or at least a close resemblance of you. You can buy each piece of the person, head, torso, pants, etc. and get to choose from a range of different options. Once you have the mini you designed you can add accessories, a cup of coffee, a cell phone and such.

This kind of gift works really well for guys

My Fiancé is not one to pretend he likes something when he really doesn’t, and I was worried he wouldn’t think the Mini Me was as cool as I did, but he really seemed to like it. It would work for girls too, who doesn’t want a little creature that was created with exactly them in mind. They work for sending messages as well, and there are a few Mini Me already put together to send as gifts for birthdays, Valentines, or as cute little reminders like “bigfoot believes in you” with a bigfoot mini me, or “I basically work in a circus” with a clown mini me.

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So how do you get one of these tiny guys or gals to join you on your life adventures?

First, go to their website www.mini-me.co.za

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Then pick a male or female. Give your Mini Me a head, and some hair. Pick a torso, shirt colour and style, or have your sexy boyfriend go shirtless to show off his hard-earned abs – or lovable dad-bod. Then you get some legs on your mini me, again there are different options, go with shorts, jeans, there are even some uniformed options so if you have a hot fireman in your life this is awesome. Then you accessorize. You can give your IT guy a laptop, or your bookworm friend a book and take-away coffee. There are babies to add as well, and cute animals! You can literally personalise an entire Lego family for yourself and your friends. When you have your MM ready, you can send it either on a stand, which can have a message for whichever occasion it is for, or you could buy a keyring attachment which means the Mini Me really does get to tag along on adventures.

If you’re too lazy, or just too busy, to go through the entire process of personalising the Mini Me as a replica of the gift receiver, you can take a look at their pre-set gifts, which I spoke about above, and simply have one of those sent.

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Another thing I was super impressed with, was the time between me giving my postal address to the time it was delivered. Not even 48hrs. I was notified that I had won the prize on Monday evening and it was delivered on Wednesday morning. So that really helps me with my procrastinating habit of ordering gifts last minute! It also means that you guys still have time to order the amazingly cute UnBEARlievable Mini Mes for your Valentines, as long as you order like NOW! (There are time frames for delivery depending on where you live here).

So, you’re welcome for the heads up.

And this gift is solidly approved by a man himself. Let me know if you get your special person a mini me, and what they think of it? Also, it is perfectly fine if you simply order it for yourself! I almost kept mine for myself….


  1. Aren’t they the best? We just bought a couple for Father’s Day for my dad and father-in-law and it always amazes me how close you can get the resemblance! I have yet to get my wife one, but it’s on my gift list for when I am desperate and can’t think of anything. So cute!


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