I was always quite a shy person and much of an introvert. Cape Town seems to have changed me, though, and now I am always on the lookout for networking opportunities, workshops and other meetings that allow me the chance to meet new and inspiring people while we enjoy ourselves.

This new change in my personality led me to search for meetings in my area where I could meet other bloggers. A  place I could learn from others who have been doing this a lot longer than I have. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one in Cape Town for 2017 at all; so I decided to organise my own, and rope my blogging mom in to help.


Who is BlogBoss?

Definition of a BlogBoss – a blogger working towards making a living using their creative skills. Anyone who has a blog, and wants to work on their skills to make their blogs amazing. Becoming a #Boss by blogging your way to the top.




Why are we meeting up with other bloggers?

While I can’t speak for all bloggers, I know that for myself, it can get quite lonely. When you’re a blogger it seems like whenever you are out you are looking for perfect blogging opportunities. I am also always looking for new things to try and experience that I can blog about, that my usual friends aren’t really that keen. So what could be better than having friends who are also bloggers and have the same goals as you?



What is this meetup all about?

Basically, we’re all going to meet up at this cutest little coffee shop, Cup n Cake, and join our blogging brains together. A morning full of laughing, chatting, amazing food and, of course, a lot of cute photos to share afterwards!

We’re lucky enough to have a lovely lady coming to speak to us about brands and PR, something us bloggers are always investigating. We’ll also have a chance to introduce ourselves and meet the other brilliant bloggers that live around us.

We’ll all be indulging in an amazing spread of food, including a Selection of sweet Danish pastries; Croissants; Muffins; Egg; Bacon; Mushrooms; Hasbrowns; Pork sausages; Grilled tomato; Savoury mince; Muesli; Yogurt; Fresh fruits; Cold meats and Cheese.


How can you join this amazing event?

There are only 20 seats saved since we want to be a small enough group to allow us to really get to know each other. We still have a few spots lefts, so if you would like to join us in supporting and empowering each other as bloggers, you can email me on hello@tammisays.co.za or fill out the form below.


R200 will save your seat as well as your delicious brunch. Not forgetting the amazing goodie bag being put together by our generous sponsors.





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