So I’m more than a little disappointed… And there’s something I’d like to share with anyone working in retail. (this is an extremely long and sorrowful tale)

By now anyone who knows me should know that my love for Typo South Africa runs deep. This is a love that grew deeper when they sent me a voucher for my birthday. R100 to spend on anything I wanted! Bloody awesome!!

So, yesterday we made an impromptu stop at our local typo (hence my new discovery of their awesome Nat Geo notebooks!) since Dean wanted to let me choose my own Birthday gift.

While there, I figured why not spend my voucher – I wasn’t sure when my next visit would be and why not spoil myself as well.

I found THE VERY LAST of one of their reusable coffee cups. It had a very relatable quote about caffeine on it. So that was my choice! I was getting this cup (I’d had my eyes on this range for a while).

I tried to access my email voucher, but it simply wouldn’t work. So, I asked the shop assistant with pleading eyes if she could possibly put the cup aside for me, to fetch the next day (today) at around the same time.

She agreed and told me very solemnly that she’d be at the shop waiting for me, with my cup. I felt way too committed to this cup now to let her down!
So today (my actual birthday) I got Dean to PRINT my voucher and looked forward to picking up my dear cup all day.

We had to drop off one of Dean’s colleagues so we literally drove in the opposite direction of home to get to the mall. We made it there, though, and I proudly entered the shop – voucher in hand. I was already planning my thank you post to Typo for the voucher and a brag post about my new cup.
I got to the till smiling extremely…

Her face dropped. Literally. Into her hands. So I asked why she looked so disappointed? And she told me that the cup had been sold that morning!!
But, how? I’m pretty sure we had an agreement… Yeah, so there was stock take last night and so the cup had to go back onto the shelf, and so it got sold….

Ok, so let’s forget for a moment about the time, petrol and general energy we wasted going to the mall. Can I just say how disappointed I actually was?!
Like, all my happy birthday vibes – gone. It seems trivial, but it’s really not. That shop assistant could have gone a little out of her way, she could have communicated to her colleagues about her promise. She could have been my hero today.

Instead, she’s the reason I walked of the mall, empty-handed, and fighting back tears of frustration. She’s the reason I almost vowed never to shop at Typo again (almost, I calmed down).

I’ve worked in retail for most of my life (not anymore, but it sticks with you). You’re not just the person behind the till. You’re the person who makes or breaks a shopping experience. And I know that a ton of people can be real asses to you – and I’m sorry! But please be nice to the nice customers… so that we don’t all turn into bitter, disappointed shoppers.


    • Ashley, if it was offered I’d likely have gladly accepted that – and made a trip back there! But she seemed to think the solution was me driving to an even further mall to fetch it myself (if they even have).


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