This year, National Women’s Day brings a lot to offer in Cape Town. In fact, it now seems common practice to celebrate Women’s Month… Because a day just really isn’t enough.

I am lucky enough to be  able to take part in many of these things on offer. Like the Future Females launch event, held at Rise Cape Town on 3rd August.

This event was offered as a free event to all female entrepreneurs and business professionals.

I took with me, my own mom and my fiance’s mom, both quite into the female entrepreneur world lately, and we went to see what Future Females was all about. We were promised a night of networking and wine – and we received that! Plus they threw in cupcakes (bonus).

We heard from Claire Alexander and Nicola Probyn from Firecracker, two ladies who put their skills together in order to form what is now a successful events management business. And also from Catherine Lückhoff, Founder & CEO of Nichestreem. The ladies all shared their inspirations, motivations, successes and failures surrounding their entrepreneurship and it was lovely.

Hearing from real women about real businesses and know that they overcame the hurdles put in front of them, I’m sure made every woman in that room feel even just a bit more empowered and confident that they, too, would get there.

Not only were the strong women on stage an inspiration, but so were the many many women sitting in the audience. They all showed up, believing in an idea, and helped to create that empowering female atmosphere. Each from different places, each there for very different reasons, and yet each brought together in the common goal of, basically, kicking ass.

I personally think that what Lauren and Cerina and the rest of their team are starting is going to take South Africa – if not the world – by storm. We need more places where women can go and grow and support each other instead of constantly competing against one another.

And if you’re someone who has any interest in seeing female power rise, I urge you to attend the next event. I’ll be there standing next to the cupcakes.



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