I’m taking part in the BlogBoss Winter Challenge. Which is really good because this year Cape Town’s winter has hit me hard.

I’ve hardly left the house since June started, and everything that I have planned for July and August may be canceled if we don’t get some good 20+ degree weather.

So day 1 of the challenge requires me to introduce you to myself or my blog. Which is honestly the same thing.

My blog is me

This blog of mine has gone through so many changes, much like myself. It’s had countless makeovers, and before I went into SEO I deleted so many posts that I no longer deemed worthy.

This blog holds everything that my head can’t. It’s all the thoughts, ideas, and passions that spill out from my mind on onto the keyboard.

I’ve battled for a while trying to hone in on a niche. My love of books often makes me want to strip the site and just review books and talk about magic book-y things.

But I also want to share eco-friendly lifestyle habits with my readers – all 3 of you ;-). Then, I so desperately want to travel more and I want to write about that too!

I’ve thought of having a different site for each thing, and luckily I did exactly that by co-creating Jumping Jayns for my fitness freak moments. But I’d still need content for TammiSays.

So, for now at least, it stays exactly like my mind – full of interesting but useless info. With 100 different themes going on at once.

How I named my blog

My first blog was called Just a lil thought. And it was literally my random thoughts on screen. I’d write about whatever, whenever. I had no niche, no content plan, and no stats.

Then, I decided to get serious. I knew I wanted to buy my domain, but I felt like a domain is a little like a tattoo. I wanted something that I wouldn’t get bored of, or want to change.

My fiance’s surname (and soon to be mine, once we get this wedding done and dusted) is Saayman. You pronounce it ‘Simon’, which made my inner weirdo child laugh because – Saayman Says.

I really like the whole ‘Saayman Says’ but we weren’t married yet, so I made it Tammi Says instead.

Fun facts about TammiSays

#1 Most of my content is written at midnight (this post included), with my cat and fiance snoring in bed next to me and a random Netflix show (usually Gilmore Girls) playing softly in the background.

#2 I currently have 20+ drafts of content that I’ve neglected this year. Finding time to write seems hard no matter the season.

#3 I’ve changed my logo, categories, and site theme more than Kylie Jenner has changed her wig.

#4 I’m not really fussy what I blog on, sometimes it’s my tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard, other times it’s my frustratingly slow Lenovo Ideapad, but my favourite is using my fiance’s Mac book!

Join in the blogging challenge here, and share your posts using #blogbosswinterblogchallenge



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