Wondering what to do for one day in Mossel Bay? So was I, until we got the chance to explore the town.

After spending a week of relaxation in Knysna on our honeymoon, we weren’t ready to leave the glorious Garden Route just yet. So we snapped up the chance to spend a night in Mossel Bay before heading home.

We stayed in one of the romantic wooden carriages of the Santos Express Train Lodge – I would honestly live in that room if I could. This left us with very little time to explore Mossel Bay, but thankfully the town isn’t that big. One day was almost enough to see the best and brightest spots in this stunning beach town.

Making the most out of one day in Mossel Bay

If you’re passing by, and have as short a time as we did, here’s a suggestion on how to fit it all in just a day.

7:30 am – Breakfast at the Fork & Train

Bonus points if you’ve booked a room here as well – trust me, it’s worth it! But even if you’re not, a hot cup of coffee on the deck of the Fork & Train is the ultimate way to start your day.

You’ll find great food, a friendly vibe, and breathtaking views of the world awakening over the stunning beach.

8:30 am – Stroll on the beach

Once you’re full and refreshed, the beach will be calling your name. Luckily, from the Fork & Trian, all you need to do is walk a few steps and you’re on the sand.

Take a slow stroll along the coast to fully admire this natural beauty. Be sure to smile at the friendly locals you meet along the way.

9:30 am – Diaz Museum


12 pm – Take a Boat Trip to Seal Island


1 pm – Lunch at La Peron


2 pm – Shark Lab


3:30 pm – Blue Shed Coffee Roastery




6:30 pm  – Supper at Kaai for Braai



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