Have you heard of the Coastal Ghost project? Stephan Graunke, his 3 dogs and his mom are off on an adventure unlike any other. They’re about to embark on a trip down the coast of South Africa and create the longest chain of beach clean ups that I’ve ever heard
I have been looking for a good planner for year now. I’ve tried the standard year planners – they were too boring. More funky ones didn’t have enough space for all my planning. I even tried to create and print my own, but I hardly ever got passed March. So,
Recently, thanks to a friend’s birthday celebration, we got the chance to spend the day at De Hollandsche Molen. A remarkable find and a new favourite spot to gather with friends and family for a day of fun. We started off in search of a spot to enjoy some sun,
Thanks to Plastic Free July movement I started an Eco-Brick factory in our kitchen. I was surprised to see just how much plastic we actually use in a month, and even more surprised to see how much of it fits into a 2l coke bottle. What is an Eco-Brick An
As a writer, a reader and an all-around literary lover, there are some influential people that I find that inspire me. One of those people is Megg Geri. She is a writer herself, as well as the founder of Megg’s Book Club – an online book club that allows you
blogboss meetup sponsor table
We were extremely spoilt for our first BlogBoss meetup. The brands that chose to work with us and added to our goody bags were so generous, and most of them were brands that I already admired. Our bloggers attending the event were all really happy with their treasures to take