As a writer, a reader and an all-around literary lover, there are some influential people that I find that inspire me. One of those people is Megg Geri. She is a writer herself, as well as the founder of Megg’s Book Club – an online book club that allows you
blogboss meetup sponsor table
We were extremely spoilt for our first BlogBoss meetup. The brands that chose to work with us and added to our goody bags were so generous, and most of them were brands that I already admired. Our bloggers attending the event were all really happy with their treasures to take
Proudly South African post ahead! September is South African Tourism month, and Heritage Day is on the 24th, so amidst the country’s troubles, we take the time this month to celebrate the great things about our home. To be honest, Dean and I plan our move overseas almost daily. If
Zang chocolate review: I have a coffee problem, for those who didn’t know. I never start a day without my cup of coffee and go through serious withdrawal if I miss my daily dose of caffeine. I’m not saying it’s not a problem. But it’s MY problem. My second biggest love
There are so many events happening for women’s day this year, I thought I’d share the ones that I have found with you. I wish I could attend them all!   Stellenbrau Women’s Run This one is first because it’s the event that I’ll be attending. A 5kn run/walk at
I was always quite a shy person and much of an introvert. Cape Town seems to have changed me, though, and now I am always on the lookout for networking opportunities, workshops and other meetings that allow me the chance to meet new and inspiring people while we enjoy ourselves.