Proudly South African post ahead! September is South African Tourism month, and Heritage Day is on the 24th, so amidst the country’s troubles, we take the time this month to celebrate the great things about our home. To be honest, Dean and I plan our move overseas often. If we
Zang chocolate review: I have a coffee problem, for those who didn’t know. I never start a day without my cup of coffee and go through serious withdrawal if I miss my daily dose of caffeine. I’m not saying it’s not a problem. But it’s MY problem. My second biggest love
There are so many events happening for women’s day this year, I thought I’d share the ones that I have found with you. I wish I could attend them all! Stellenbrau Women’s Run This one is first because it’s the event that I’ll be attending. A 5kn run/walk at the
Everyone has a bucket list of some sort, I know I have had plenty. From things to do before I hit my thirties, to lists of books I want to read before I die. I thought I’d share one of mine with all of you, my bucket list of Luxury
Not sure about you, but I desperately need a holiday. Even though we’re only halfway through the year I feel like it’s time for a vacation already. The fantastic thing is that here in SA it’s winter, and that means that most holiday places will be quieter, comfier, and yes,
I have a confession to make I am TERRIBLE at buying gifts. No matter who they are for, bosses, parents, even those awkward mutual friends whose birthdays you get invited to as courtesy. I’m also a huge procrastinator, so any gift buying experience looks kind of like this: Tammi must