This year, National Women’s Day brings a lot to offer in Cape Town. In fact, it now seems common practice to celebrate Women’s Month… Because a day just really isn’t enough. I am lucky enough to be  able to take part in many of these things on offer. Like the Future
I entered a competition on Facebook during August, to win a Mentor Mani session from Sorbet. We were asked to pick from a panel of outstanding women, and the winners would get an hour to spend with their chosen Mentor, plus a manicure. It took me a while to choose,
We never had huge amounts of money when I was a child, but I can’t remember a Christmas without at least one present…. Unfortunately, not all kids are that lucky. There are some children who have never experienced waking up on Christmas morning to a new CD player, or new
Hands up if you’re tired of searching ways to make extra money online only to be bombarded with “paid surveys” or freelancing gigs that only apply to US. Whether you work full time or are completely unemployed I’m sure making a few extra bucks is on everyone’s mind. But how
Do you like beer? No? Me neither. Should you still go on Newlands Brewery tour? Absolutely! Ever since my other half went on the tour and he came back with a certificate, raving about how much fun it was, I had decided, I HAD to go. I also wanted a
When you hear date night what’s the first thing you think of? Romantic dinner, wine and candles? Or pizza, comedy and cuddles? Perhaps a morning hike and adventure picnic? We know that each couple has their own version of date night, but no matter how we spend date night, we