I have a confession to make I am TERRIBLE at buying gifts. No matter who they are for, bosses, parents, even those awkward mutual friends whose birthdays you get invited to as courtesy. I’m also a huge procrastinator, so any gift buying experience looks kind of like this: Tammi must
couple on romantic getaway in south africa
Often the most romantic things any couple can do is simply take a break from everyday life. Romantic getaways in South Africa are ideal for Valentine’s day, Anniversaries, Honeymoons. Birthdays also offer the perfect guilt-free excuse to getaway. Take a short weekend break to bring back the spark, or go
why I love this book… Firstly, let me just fill you in, as much as I love literature of any kind and my perfect day will always be described with a book in my hand and of course coffee, I seem to be stuck in a kind of readers block.
Beginning Yoga 21 June is our Winter Solstice here in South Africa, and it is also International Day of Yoga. For a long time, I told myself that I would try out a yoga class. I loved the idea of being flexible and strong, improving my balance and finding a
I entered a competition on Facebook during August, to win a Mentor Mani session from Sorbet. We were asked to pick from a panel of outstanding women, and the winners would get an hour to spend with their chosen Mentor, plus a manicure. It took me a while to choose,
santa shoebox project volunteers
Names are being picked, shoeboxes are being collected, the excitement is palpable. Yep, you guessed it! It’s Santa Shoebox Project time! Not sure yet what all the fuss is about? Allow me to enlighten you… Image courtesy of @santashoebox What is the Santa Shoebox Project? Started in 2006, the Santa