Day 2 of the BlogBoss challenge, and today we delve deeper into my why I started blogging in the first place.

When I started blogging

I suppose I’ve been blogging since I was a child, only back then it was on paper and pen. As a kid I kept a diary all the way up until I turned 18. I constantly had a notebook that I was writing in.

In grade 7 I joined the school newspaper, and that ignited a newfound desire to write for an audience. Even though the only thing I remember being printed was an interview with a kid in grade 3 who played the violin really well…

Into my teen years I’d write my own ‘newspapers’ and ‘magazines’. They’d be full of the things happening around me, but no one would really see them.

But it wasn’t until my early 20s, and I was in Cape Town, that I actually started blogging in the true sense of the word. I began my very first free WordPress blog somewhere in 2014.

What blogging means to me

I know that for many people, blogging can mean free stuff, getting paid to post about brands, and having 10k+ followers. But I have very different goals for my blog.

While I’d love to one reach the 10, 000 followers level, and I absolutely LOVE working brands that I believe in, my blog is really more for me to keep up the habit of writing.

It’s a great space to share my views, and blogging often pushes me out of my comfort zone. There have been many occasions where I have overcome laziness and social anxiety in the name of blog content, and it’s turned out great!


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