Beginning Yoga

21 June is our Winter Solstice here in South Africa, and it is also International Day of Yoga.

For a long time, I told myself that I would try out a yoga class. I loved the idea of being flexible and strong, improving my balance and finding a connection between my mind and body. Somehow, though, I kept putting it off. Believing I needed to be stronger, fitter, thinner, before I tried it.

Finally, when Flowing Nomads held a class for International Yoga Day 2017, I decided to swallow my fears and finally try it out. I walked in without expectations, which is really the best way to try anything new. Instantly there was a feeling of calm in the room. We laid out our mats, and removed socks and shoes, and looking at what everyone else was doing, we sat down cross-legged and waited for the instructor to start.

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What I learnt From My First Yoga Class

After the class I felt pretty good! And a little silly for taking so long to try it out.
I didn’t feel like all the other people could do it better than me, even the fittest of the group were still restricted in their own ways. It really was all about finding your own body’s limits.
Sometimes I had no idea what pose I was supposed to be in, and that was okay too, everyone was kinda on their own time.

  • It is actually a workout! I was sweating, which made my my hands slip – ALOT.
  • There’s a flow to the yoga routine, so the pose that was new and hard will be a little easier by the end of the class.
  • You need water. If you’ve ever done a bootcamp/HIIT workout, you know to bring tons of water; and if you’ve also done a stretch class of any sort then you know that it’s not as dehydrating. Yoga is somewhere in the middle of that so take water!
  • It’s very much about being in touch with your body and its abilities and limitations.
  • Oh, and I have zero balance. Also learnt that. But I’m working on it…

So don’t be scared! And don’t wait for next year’s International Day of Yoga. Go try it out.


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