Zang chocolate review:

I have a coffee problem, for those who didn’t know. I never start a day without my cup of coffee and go through serious withdrawal if I miss my daily dose of caffeine. I’m not saying it’s not a problem. But it’s MY problem.

My second biggest love is chocolate. I am a girl and chocolate makes us sweet and happy. So when I found Zang chocolate, a caffeinated chocolate bar, it was like love at first sight. I stalked them from the moment I found them and continued to do so as they held competitions. An entire hamper of this heavenly treat was just too tempting to pass up.


A Bit About the Product

Not only is the actual chocolate an invention on its own, but the brand itself is edgy and really fun. If you follow them on Facebook, you’ll see what I mean. The chocolate has the same level of caffeine as an espresso shot. So if you’re not near a kettle, you just pop one of these in your mouth and you’re good to go.

They’re great for looming deadlines and those all-nighters when you just have to get stuff done. You get two different types, they have a milk chocolate and a dark chocolate. Personally, the dark chocolate is heaven. For a softer and smoother taste, though, the milk chocolate does the job perfectly.

I got to sit down with one of the fabulous guys that work at Zang, and I asked him how many of these things I can eat in a day. They’re delicious so the chances of me overdosing on Zang are high – but we concurred that with the amount of coffee that I drink, I’ll be fine. There are warnings on the packaging that say it’s not a product that should be used by pregnant or breastfeeding ladies, nor young kids, or anyone sensitive to caffeine.


Some Adventurous Ways to Eat Zang Chocolate

I had an entire box of chocolates, so I decided to experiment with ways you can eat them:

  1. Quietly – slowly open the packaging, don’t let anyone hear you so that you don’t have to share!
  2. Pancakes – I mixed in some of the hot chocolate powder to my pancake mix and we had caffeine chocolate pancakes for breakfast.
  3. On Bread – Ok so I needed a sweet fix and there was nothing else in the house, so I melted a couple of the dark chocolates and used the melted chocolate to spread on my bread. Just beware that the consistency isn’t the greatest.
  4. Icing – with the hot chocolate I also added some powder to icing sugar and made an awesome chocolate icing.


Ok, So Where Do You Get Your Nearest Fix of Zang?

You can find the chocolate bars at most PicknPays and Spars. They also have a hot chocolate for a sweeter liquid fix, which sells at selected restaurants so I am told. If you can’t find them at your local, have a chat with the manager and ask them why they haven’t joined the club yet?!


When you’re done with your chocs, put the packaging into your eco-brick!


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