Day 2 of the BlogBoss challenge, and today we delve deeper into my why I started blogging in the first place. When I started blogging I suppose I’ve been blogging since I was a child, only back then it was on paper and pen. As a kid I kept a
I’m taking part in the BlogBoss Winter Challenge. Which is really good because this year Cape Town’s winter has hit me hard. I’ve hardly left the house since June started, and everything that I have planned for July and August may be canceled if we don’t get some good 20+
If you’re looking for inspiration in this digitally-centered world, might I suggest you read a few pages of Nicky Verd’s new book. Many of us feel lost at one point in our lives. When we look at careers, especially my generation – yes us millennial – we’re often faced with
As you get older, you’ll undoubtedly have to face the task of caring for your elderly parents. This can be a hard time, seeing the people who took care of you your entire childhood suddenly unable to car for themselves. Which is why having a checklist of what you need,
I recently finished reading Mute by Christine Bernard, and was very happy with this book! If you’ve ever felt like you could do with a six-month vacation away from all other human beings, this book may just speak to you. The story follows Rebecca, a magazine writer in her 30s,
Anybody else feel that crazy cold coming in lately? Winter is surely coming here in Cape Town, and that can sometimes make us want to hibernate under the covers and not leave the house. But, we all know that’s not the greatest choice, and it’ll usually leave us feeling more