Book Review – Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted

If you’re looking for inspiration in this digitally-centered world, might I suggest you read a few pages of Nicky Verd’s new book.

Many of us feel lost at one point in our lives. When we look at careers, especially my generation – yes us millennial – we’re often faced with seemingly impossible options. We’re no longer interested in finding a simple job to go into everyday until we turn 60.

We want more, we need more. More flexibility, more growth, more purpose. But getting all that ‘more’ is harder than it sounds. This book holds just a piece of the puzzle that moves us towards that goal.

Disrupt yourself or be disrupted is a book written for the ambitious, the forward-thinking, and even a little for the lost. Full of insightful points and enlightened info, Nicky’s book has itself started the disrupting.

She explains how machines have become a part of life, and will continue to do so in the future. How those who think their jobs are safe forever, should relook the way things are going. And, of course, she gives options for those who are ready to move forward and take charge of their futures.

Perfect for:

Anyone who is making career decisions, those who feel like a change is needed, and especially anyone who needs a bit of kickstart into moving into the 21st century.

Read it when:

You’re ready to really think about what you want from your career and life in general.

Buy Disrupt Yourself or be Disrupted by Nicky Verd:

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