Hands up if you’re tired of searching ways to make extra money online only to be bombarded with “paid surveys” or freelancing gigs that only apply to US. Whether you work full time or are completely unemployed I’m sure making a few extra bucks is on everyone’s mind. But how do you filter through to the legit sites that work in South Africa? I’ve found a few:


This is a site that allows individuals to post random jobs that they need done. From typing a CV to painting a ceiling. They post it and it becomes available for other individuals to offer to do the job. Ultimately the decision on who does the job falls to the errand poster. The errand runner can “bid” for the job (i.e. offer to do it for less or sometimes more than the poster has offered) and then the poster will messages the chosen runner. It’s free to sign up and a percentage commission is taken only when the transaction of payment is carried through. Each user has an online wallet, which must be loaded in order to pay for jobs that are posted, and which is loaded with cash once a job is completed. You can then withdraw the cash into your bank account.

Snap’n Save

Get paid to go shopping! No really. Download the SnapnSave app, and browse the list of groceries on offer. Each product has an amount of cash you can receive back just for buying it. Buy the product, snap a pic of your till slip, and once it has been verified, the cash is in your wallet. You can transfer cash for vouchers or simply transfer it straight into your bank account.


This site seems to still be in the building phase, but I think if they make it work it could be quite big. Major companies use M4jam for market research and mystery shopping purposes. To earn money, you log on and find jobs, such as taking a photo of a certain shops display, and earn money for each job. The payments are not huge, and the jobs are scarce at the moment, but hopefully this will catch on, I think this is a site to watch for extra money making.


This is also market research, starting overseas and trying to start up in South Africa I guess, you answer questions on your habits, such as shopping, eating, watching TV, sometimes upload a photo and then get paid if it is accepted. This app pays through PayPal so you must have a PayPal account, and I found that it took a lot of storage on my phone so unfortunately had to delete it. This is also something I think could be great if the kinks are ironed out.

There are of course more than this short list, but these are ones that I have tried and tested so far. If you know of any others please do mention them to me and I’ll absolutely try them out. If you try any of these, let me know how you spend all your extra cash.


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