As a writer, a reader and an all-around literary lover, there are some influential people that I find that inspire me. One of those people is Megg Geri. She is a writer herself, as well as the founder of Megg’s Book Club – an online book club that allows you to join and enjoy a book each month with a fantastic group of readers from all over the world.

I have followed Megg’s work for a while now. Her book on how to write your novel in 30 days has been on my wishlist for a while. And I absolutely love the amazing community she has created for bookworms online. So I asked Megg to answer a few questions about herself, and she obliged. Here’s is what she said:


Could you tell us a bit about yourself & your passions?


I love to write!


Ever since I was a little girl I made up stories and created newspapers and magazines that I would photocopy and place under all my mother’s colleagues doors during the school holidays. I loved stories and make-believe.

And then after school, I studied English Lit and Editing (with the hopes – at first – to go into journalism). I lost my way a bit and focussed my energy on theatre production and dancing. In my third year of Varsity, I opened a dance and Pilates studio, which I loved with all my heart. But, that love dwindled when I could no longer spend enough time with my family and when that writing bug bit again. I couldn’t help it, I just wanted to write.


And so, I sold my business and decided to go into writing full-time. Along with writing came reading more. And so, my online book club was born.


Your online book club is a fantastic idea, where did you come up with it?


I always wanted to start a book club but could never get everyone together in a time that worked well. So, after a month of Facebook lives and many suggestions to start a book club I decided to start an online book club with the personal touch and feel of a physical book club.


What started your love of books and writing?


I honestly don’t know. It’s just something I’ve always loved. My parents were both avid readers while growing up, yet I can’t remember them reading to me. They would always read their own books and I remember lying on the couch beside my dad trying to read and pretending to read his story too. I always wanted to read “big adult books”. So I think it was the idealism in my mind that drew me to reading. My house was filled with books and they were very precious to me. I would look after my books and I cherished each and every one. I still have many of my childhood books that I’ve now passed on to my Kids.


How do you manage to keep up with your own projects, passions and then family and social life as well?


I don’t always. That’s the truth. I’d love to imagine I do and sometimes I juggle everything really well, other times I just don’t. I think when I’m managing to do everything it’s thanks to many lists and good scheduling as well as staying productive and focussed. There’s no secret to doing everything you just have to do it and work hard at it.


“Doing everything” has always been something that made me proud to be me. And whenever anyone commented on how I manage everything so well it always made me happy and brought a smile to my face and so, I think this has also always been a driving force behind managing to do everything. Pride, I guess. Wow, that’s so raw and honest but it’s true.


In your opinion, what defines a strong, inspirational woman in 2018?


This question is laced by so many underlying factors but in my opinion, a strong, inspirational woman in 2018 is a woman who embraces her flaws, admits defeat, asks for help, keeps her head up high, and keeps going.


Life is demanding and busy woman have so many responsibilities to face. I think not being too hard on yourself, allowing yourself some grace, and just keeping at it makes you strong. Never giving up and always carrying on.


Who is your biggest inspiration as a woman?


I don’t know. There are so many women who inspire me. I don’t think I can choose one single woman because you never know of the flaws behind the perfect facade.


But the woman who inspires me is one who is kind, driven, admits her flaws, and one that never accepts no for an answer. A woman who keeps dreaming and one that knows exactly what she wants. A woman who wants to leave a legacy.

Where can we find you and your work?



Write a Novel in 30 Days –


Website –

Editing Boutique –

Amazon author page –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Goodreads –

YouTube –

LinkedIn –

Instagram personal –

Instagram book club – –


So come on over and join Megg’s Book Club! I’ll be there waiting 🙂



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