Hidden Gem Online Shopping Websites in South Africa

For many people around the world, shopping online has become more and more popular – with the pandemic, this convenience was a literal lifesaver.

But as South Africans, we can often be a little skeptical when coming across new eCommerce sites. How can you be sure that you can trust them? Will you get your purchase? And are they legit?

It’s always best to get a few reviews from the internet, but even better if you have a friend who has experience with the site you’re looking at. So today, let me be that friend 🙂

I’ve tried out a few online stores that are not your typical “big name” or franchise stores. I’m going to list them below, and keep adding to the list as I try out more stores.

DC One

Image from DC.ONE Facebook

What they sell: Shoes and accessories for men, women, and even kids.

Website: https://dc1.co.za/

My favourite purchase: I took a brave step and ordered a really cute and artsy pair of sneakers by Urban Art – they’re white with blue and black specks of ‘paint’ and I really like them.

I rarely buy shoes online for a few reasons. One of these reasons is size, of course, because you can’t always be sure that they will fit – and returns are a lot of admin work. But I also find that sometimes shoes look different on my feet than they did in pictures.

But knowing a lovely lady from DC One, I bit the bullet and picked out not one, but two pairs of shoes. The great thing was that these are all at great prices – with or without the sale going on – so getting two pairs was doable.

Receiving them, I was super happy. They both fit perfectly, they look as great as they did online, and the quality is amazing! I now have a wishlist of more shoes to buy!

Grab It All

What they sell: Pretty much everything and anything – from toys and games to kitchen storage.

Website: https://grabitall.co.za/

My favourite purchase: I tested out this site by buying a pack of Cards Against Humanity at an insane sale price. Still my favorite.

At first, I wasn’t sure that this site was legit, because a lot of the prices are too good to be true. But so far, I haven’t found any issues. I get emails from the site, which is great because their stock changes often.

Some great things I’ve found are the organization items, toys, and household stuff. This site was a perfect find for when we were furnishing our first home.

Vintage Lover

Image from Vintage Lover Facebook

What they sell: A few great vintage pieces, but also some amazing shirts, mugs, and other items with popular characters.

Website: https://vintagelover.co.za/

My favourite purchase: As a gift, I got a Rick & Morty shirt – but I have my own wishlist to work through.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys character T-shirts, or who loves giving mugs as gifts, this site is about to be your BFF.

I got sucked into Vintage Lover when I discovered their Gilmore Girls tees. But then I found Rick & Morty for my husband, and the nature tees are amazing too! The great thing is that you can sign up for Pay Just Now, buy a whole bunch of shirts, and pay it off in 3 installments.

Happy Life Plants

Image from Happy Life Plants Facebook

What they sell: The brightest and best houseplants and accessories.

Website: https://www.happylifeplants.com/

My favourite purchase: Although I loved all of the plants I got, being able to buy care cards for each plant (including ones I already owned) was fantastic.

As I was training my green thumbs, I found this brilliant online plant store. They are based in Johannesburg, but had no issue sending me plants all the way to Cape Town.

The thing that puts this site above the others is that each plant comes with its own care card – so for those like me who kill plants, this is great! But you can also buy small accessories like the bottoms to your nursery pots, plant baskets, and even macrame kits.

Searching the site is also great, because they categorize plants in categories like “for beginners”, “pet friendly”, “low light”, etc.

Nifty Gifts

Image from Nifty Gifts Facebook

What they sell: Pretty much just what the name describes – some very nifty gifts.

Website: https://niftygifts.co.za/

My favourite purchase: A very hard choice, but they do sell the most gorgeous purses.

This is one of my favorite sites to “window shop”. There are so many cute and quirky items ranging from bath products to tools and toys. It’s a magnificent place to find gifts, stocking fillers, or small spoils for yourself.

The stock here also changes, depending on what’s available and what is trending, I suppose. If you’re looking for typo-like items at not-typo-like prices, check this site out.


We have some great online stores in South Africa. This includes the popular ones that everyone knows about. But just like charming boutique stores that hide away and offer gems, there are similar smaller, but just as fantastic online stores.

These are just the ones I’ve tried, but I will continue looking for more. I like supporting the smaller sites, and helping SA’s eCommerce industry boom. I also like making sure that sites are legit and not going to steal money.

Do you have hidden gem online shopping stores that you know of? Share them with us in the comments below!

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