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Firstly, let me just fill you in, as much as I love literature of any kind and my perfect day will always be described with a book in my hand and of course coffee, I seem to be stuck in a kind of readers block. I’ve had writers’ block for a while but who knew you could get readers’ block?!

Life just seems to be so busy and stressful that whenever I pick up a book, I can’t seem to get lost in it. I have had so many books that I’ll start reading and just can’t finish. Whether I have no time or the story just doesn’t grip me, I just can’t enjoy books lately. This has resulted in a LOT of library fines, due to me trying to finish the books, and not getting them back on time.

So, I went book shopping. Not on purpose, I just found a few books at really great prices and I bought them.

One of these books was The Personal History of Rachel Dupree.

The book is about a middle-aged black lady who lives on a ranch in South Dakota with her husband and five kids. It’s set in 1917. So technically I have absolutely no way to relate to this book, I don’t have kids to fend for, I don’t live on a ranch… Pretty much didn’t think this would help with my book block.

When the book starts, they’re going through a really bad drought, and Rachel is pregnant. She has to try and survive with hardly any water or food, while this little thing inside of her drains her body of what she does have. As well as making sure her children are surviving. It’s quite a sad and scary story that she’s going through. The story takes us through all the ways she manages to survive. And how she deals with her marriage as her family is in such a stressful environment. She gets to a point where she’s has to make a decision. This decision will cost her the well-being of both her and her children. Or it will cost her her husband, whom you can tell is the man of her dreams.

Somehow the tale of how this woman managed to find strength and stand up for herself is inspiring. Even 100 years later.

At the back of the book the author, Ann Weisgarber tells how she saw a photo of a black woman on her ranch from the early 1900s and decided to give her a story. I envy Miss Weisgarber’s ability to tell a complete and inspiring story from just a photo, and I hope that one day I can be half as good at telling my stories. Also, I can’t believe that there are only two books out from this author, but thankfully she is writing a third. Now, I have definitely made it my mission to find her other book, The Promise. I’ll also be first in line to get her third when it’s ready for the readers eye.

I found Ann’s website for those who’d like to see her books





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